Wednesday, October 22, 2003

On the road again... (2 of 2)

Well, Mary and I were having none of that.  The kids were way too cute in their little Skate America outfits, and they clearly wanted to go out on the ice and be seen by the crowd (and maybe even get on TV).  So, one day, we went to the nearest Rite Aid and stocked up on stuffed animals.  It was this time of year, so they had a selection leaning heavily on the Halloween-like items.  We ended up buying some brightly-colored snakes.  We coiled them up real well (snakes don't throw as well when they're unwrapped) and snuck 'em into the arena.

Then we added little notes that said, "This isn't for Michelle Kwan; this is for the kids that pick them up off the ice.  Happy Halloween!"  We tossed the first one on the ice at the appropriate time, and waited.

It was a huge hit.  The first girl that picked up a throwin' snake picked it up by one end and it uncoiled in her hand.  She got a huge laugh as she skated off the ice, bouncing it up and down like a spring.  Then we kept waiting for her to read the note.  When she did, there was this little flurry of activity when she showed it to the other kids.  Next time we looked over at the kids, they were playing rock-paper-scissors fighting over the snake.

Next time we threw a snake, they recognized it.  The kid excitedly came off the ice saying, "It's another snake!" and they all gathered around to look at it.  Mary and I had way more fun surreptitiously watching the kids enjoy our little presents than we had watching the competition.

Yeah, so, the secret's out.  Mary and I were the throwin' snake throwers at Skate America 2002. 

Next entry will be from Skate America 2003.  Be afraid.

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andreakingme said...

Oh, T! What sweeties you and Mary are. I LOVE that idea. There's nothing better than making someone's day, is there?

Can't wait to see what you say about Skate America '03. Wish I was there with you guys.