Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Mmm.... pain....

Er, no, this is not an attempt to get included in Journal Enquirer (sorry, no actual link, I'm using a Mac. Welcome to my world.)

So, the pain from the tetanus shot has pretty much receded, as has the pain from the Hep A and Hep B injections. (I say "pretty much" because there's still a little knot under my skin and every once in a while I get the really stupid idea of pressing on the knot to see if I can loosen it. This generally results in a feelings of: pain; queasiness; potential loss of consciousness if I continue; and, mostly, idiocy.)

So, yeah, that's a thing of the past. And yet, I still took out the ice pack last night. "And why is that?" you might ask.

Y'know pierced ears? I got mine pierced years and years ago. About a year ago, I realized the holes had kinda closed up, so I got the bright idea to repierce them. By, er, shoving the piercing studs through the holes. I did use alcohol -- but only the kind you put on the wound, not the kind you drink a lot of before doing something this stupid.

Anyway, about six weeks later, I had nicely repierced ears. Yay.

Then, for my (rather significant) birthday, my parents very generously gave me a pair of really nice earrings. These suckers don't have NORMAL posts -- they have screw-type posts that the backs twist onto.

The screw-type posts messed up my perfectly clean piercings. I promised myself I'd get the earrings put on posts less destructive to my ears, and, in the meantime, stopped wearing them.

In fact, I stopped wearing all earrings.

Yesterday, I discovered this wasn't such a hot idea either. Apparently my newly-recreated ear holes are happiest when they actually have earrings in them, and threaten closure whenever left alone.

So, it's back to the piercing studs for me. The holes haven't ACTUALLY closed up again, but if I said the piercing studs easily went back in there with no loss of blood, that would be an untruth. But, y'know, OW.

On the plus side, doesn't matter if the studs were dirty. Because, hey, tetanus shot. :)

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andreakingme said...

:: sounds of Andrea giggling ::

I've done the post-shove before, too, because sometimes I get lazy and forget to wear earrings and the holes get teeny-tiny. I look much better with earrings and funny with just those dimple-like holes in the fatty part of my ear.

I wonder what happens if you have a nose stud and decide to take it out for awhile?