Wednesday, October 8, 2003

You take the good, you take the bad...

... and you sound like the Facts of Life theme song.

Weird day today.  I find out that I have my very first unsolicited links.  Two of 'em even.  One from our pal Scalzi who quoted the entry below in his piece on AOL Journalers' responses to the election.  And just tonight, Andreakingme of Unhinged made us one of her three picks this week.  (I'd unreservedly return the favor with Unhinged.  Every day, I take a look at at least one or two other AOL Journals in the hopes of finding something I'd actually like to read on a regular basis.  So far, I've been somewhat unsuccessful.  This is not to say that the bulk of what's out here is crap -- it's rather that the bulk of what's out here isn't something that I, personally, care about reading enough to cram it into my daily reading list.  I first followed a link to Unhinged when Scalzi mentioned it the other day, and I thought, "FINALLY."  Andrea gets that it isn't what you say that matters, but how you say it.  It's sorta like how I could listen to James Earl Jones read the phone book.  Style over substance, baby, that's what I look for in reading material.)

So yeah -- not one, but two unsolicited links.  Yay me.

And then, same day, I get into a stupid flame war with some jerk in a different forum.  There's no point in rehashing it -- just know that I was right and he was wrong (but I should stress that this wasn't a difference of opinion thing -- this was me being right and him being a butthead). 

And what am I dwelling on?  My two shiny new links?  Er... no.  The argument with the butthead.  I know that I should let this go.  But it still irks me that this weasel still doesn't get it.

Gonna go to the gym now.  Maybe I'll hit things.  :)


rinakatay21 said...

Welcome to Unsolicited link #3...I couldn't help it. The puking cat and Facts of Life line made me. =) Stop by my world and snoop sometime if you'd like.

andreakingme said...

>> it still irks me that this weasel still doesn't get it.

People don't often change their opinions, so it doesn't surprise me that the weasel won't. You're better off spending your time watching *The Facts of Life* re-runs.

Actually, I bet you'd be even BETTER off writing a movie review.{nudge, nudge:}

Yeah. I'm shameless.