Tuesday, January 6, 2004


Well, no big update today. I'm toying with an overhaul of the journal (the "About Me" needs updating, as does the "Other Journals") but I didn't have time today on account of the fact SOMEONE cute and furry (I'm not naming names) decided to curl up and sleep on my lap for a few hours tonight.

Now, I've had the kitten for upwards of six months and she hasn't been much of a lap kitten -- usually content to curl up on the couch NEAR me, but not actually beside or upon my person. I just figured laps weren't her thing. But when I got back from New Zealand, one of the people who had taken care of her said that she sat in her lap all the time.

"Oh man, it's me," I thought.

I figured it out. The only time I'd been setting her in my lap is when I clip her claws -- I really hadn't done anything to encourage lap sitting. So, I started a few weeks ago -- picking her up and putting her down in my lap and petting for a little while. At first she'd only stay for a few seconds, but she started catching on and giving me a quarter to a half hour of lap time pretty quick.

We had a little backslide 'cause I had to do her claws yesterday, so she's been staying away for awhile. This evening she was back, and not only sitting in my lap, but napping there. I certainly didn't want to discourage this by getting up and going to the computer -- so no big journal overhaul.

(In fact, right now, I'm using the laptop and she's resting her head on my hand, which is the cutest thing ever, even though it makes typing a little challenging.)

Later, all. I'm gettin' me some kitten love.


andreakingme said...

Hee, hee. I've been in that position before -- typing with a cat's head lying on my arm. Funny (but not really suprising) how those fur babies can get us to stay still in one position for so long. Boy, the knots I've suffered just to make His Orangeness comfy ...

somenuttychic said...

Aw. Good kitty.