Friday, January 23, 2004

Question for the Cat-Owners

OK, be honest. Have you guys ever ... tasted the cat food?

Now before you go off the deep end, NO, I haven't done this. After my recent experience with "Is the iron still hot?" I've learned that not all questions are best answered by the, "well, let's try it and see" method. This is precisely why I'm asking around.

See, I opened up a can of Friskies chicken. (Grilled, I think. In flakes.) And it smelled surprisingly like ... chicken. I mean, it didn't have that "pet food" smell -- it smelled just like normal, people food chicken. Stands to reason, what 'cause it IS chicken.

So, I'm wondering if it TASTES like it. I mean, why wouldn't it? Cats like people food chicken, so would cat food chicken taste all that different?

I remember reading, back when I was a kid, that the cat food companies actually put something in cat food to make it taste ucky to people, so that people wouldn't go about eating cat food as an inexpensive alternative to people food. That sounds so urban legendy to me, I'm willing to not believe it -- but I do think it's possible that there's some sort of kitty nutritional additive (some protein or fat or something) that they put in there for the cat's health that might somehow have the side-effect of, well, tasting like crap.

Please. Save me the trouble. If any of you have given this stuff the taste-test, let me know the results of your experiment.


grodygeek said...

Sorry NZ, I have not tasted it, but my experience is with dogs, who face it, will eat anything. I do remember reading in a book that dogs eat from need not via taste and it shows. So dogs don't mind having the same thing day after day. When they don't eat is merely an attempt to see if YOU are trainable to give them something different. They aren't hungry enough. I suspect its just food too. Try it fried. Gordy

karynetaylor said...

Well, you've heard the stories about poor old people existing on the stuff, right?

And then, well, there's my cruel older sister who used to entertain herself when babysitting us, and she would make lunch menus in "Code" and 1 wrong choice and you found little friskies X's mixed in with your mac and cheese or grilled in your sandwich. Once, 6 of them floating on my tomato soup like croutons. And it was eat or be beat.

~ Karyn

olddog299 said...

Back when I raised German Shepherd Dogs for fun and fiscal ruin, it was routine to check new batches of the high protein kibble to make sure that the BHT wasn't hiding really spoiled meat. I figured if I didn't get sick from it the pooches would probably survive it too. It tasted pretty much as you'd imagine. Haven't tasted canned dog food since an ill-considered spoonful as a child. Trust me - it wasn't tasty 45 years ago, no matter if Braveheart was on the label or not.

andreakingme said...

Nope I haven't ever given in to my urge to try cat food, but I did come close once, and I think it was over the same brand you're talking about. It smelled and looked awful good. I paused over the can for a wee bit before I chickened out (pun intended). Heh.

We no longer feed our babies the good canned stuff, though, because it's bad for them. Which is probably just as well, considering my appetite lately. Oink.

acessingtheworld said...

Cat food tends to have a plain tunafish being soaked in water for eternity taste...way after the expiration date on the SPAM can. Dog food tastes delicous to me,I've always sneaked a bite when I'm at a neighbors house...its addicting.