Sunday, January 25, 2004

My (Almost) Brush With Greatness

I (almost) saw Peter Jackson yesterday.

This isn't entirely surprising. I was meeting a friend at a real swanky Beverly Hills hotel -- and the day before the Golden Globe Awards, swanky Beverly Hills hotels are going to be swarming with movie types.

So, I hand my car off to the valet, walk into the hotel, meet my friend in the lobby, and before we get on with the business of dinner, he whispers, "Do you know who you just missed? Peter Jackson." Apparently, dude just walked through the lobby.

What follows is a conversation along the lines of "No way." "Way." And he text messages a mutual friend of ours to let her know as well.

We end up eating dinner in the hotel, and they give us a nice table by the window, looking out on the front of the hotel where everyone comes in and out. At one point, my friend stops and says, "There he is. There goes Peter Jackson!" I peek outside the window and see what very well COULD have been Peter Jackson -- I can only see him from behind, but it's definitely: male, of about the right height, of about the right hair-length, of about the right not-incredibly well kempt hair look. So, yes, I might well have actually seen Peter Jackson, from behind, through a window, maybe 100 feet away. Oooo. I'll never wash these eyeballs again.

What gets me about this -- and what will ALWAYS get me about this -- is why I (and everyone else) think that celebrity sightings are kinda cool. I mean, it isn't like I exchanged words with the man or anything. I just saw him leave his hotel and head off to dinner or a party or wherever the hell famous director types go the night before they damn well better win a Best Director award. I honestly don't know why it is a noteworthy event -- why it is necessary for us to say "ooh look, there's Peter Jackson," or to send text messages or write journal entries about momentarily seeing the man walk by. There is absolutely nothing special or noteworthy about this non-encounter at all.

And yet I can't shake the feeling that it's still somehow kinda cool.


grodygeek said...

Shit, I've never even got that close to cool. How low do I rate? Oy. Gordy

andreakingme said...

It IS cool. There's just something about seeing a supposedly larger-than-life human IN REAL LIFE that plays a trick with one's pulse rate. I don't understand it. It's crazy. But some of the best things in life are.