Sunday, January 4, 2004

Is Anyone Still Playing With the Quiz? (spoilers) 2 of 2

6. What:

1 is 3.14159?

2 is back to back clothing?

3 represents one millionth of a metre?

4 was the timely creation of Louis Brandt?

5 fraction of serum contains the antigen opposition?

6 cerebral activity consists of oscillations with a frequency of 8-13 hertz?

7 is the destination of the posterior fontanelle?

8 blockade was investigated by Black?

9 project was devised by van Veen?

10 is a minimal amount?

Number 1 is "pi" (or, more precisely, an approximation thereof). Now, I'd originally thought number 3 was a "micro-meter," but what if we change that to "micron"? Which is suspiciously close to "omicron." Now we've got something to work with. Number 10 (a question which didn't make sense before) has got to be "iota."

Look again at section 8. If I tell you that "Tashunka Witco" was "Crazy Horse," I bet you can get at least one of the others right just by guessing at the pattern (for me, it was the ninth one).

I'm so disappointed that the average score on this thing is 2. It means that few of the people taking the test actually pick up on the brilliant patterns that sometimes appear in the answers. This quiz really is a work of art.

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