Thursday, January 22, 2004

Pet Peeve #715

Y'know what really irks me? 

When I'm waiting for the light at the cross-walk, having pushed the little button, and then someone comes up and pushes the little button.

Like I'm just standing there on the curb like an idiot for no reason.

Or maybe I didn't REALIZE that you have to push the button if you want the light to change.

Or maybe they think the button has been programmed to respond faster if MORE people push it.  (That's a pretty smart button!)

Maybe even they assume I pushed the button, but they think I am not a master of their special Button Pushing Technique, which is specially designed to make the light change faster if they (a) hold the button down for a really long time; (b) rapidly push the button about a dozen times; or (c) tap out that shave-and-haircut rhythm on it.

Really, folks.  I've already pushed the freakin' button.  Just stand there and wait for the "walk" sign like the rest of us.


hempenhomespun said...

What about the ones that see you standing there, push the button, and then proceed to immediately run out into traffic anyway.

grodygeek said...

Um, NZ, I'd push the button. We all have our space cadet moments where we have forgotten to push the button, so I just make sure. Okay, maybe I do have OCD. It isn't done to indicate, this woman could be a dolt". Here, do this, when they come up, before they push the button, yell at them, "Push the button already", "Can't you see I'm just standing here." Soon you'll be nationally known as the crazy button lady. 8-) Gordy

acessingtheworld said...

Maybye they thought you were going on the other side of the is logical,you know...Besides,pushing the button is fun.