Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Gender Equality

Yeah, ok, we got equal pay for equal work. But I won't believe this society has really accepted gender equality until I see someone correct the huge disparity between the genders in Electric Razor technology.

Men get rechargeable. Men get floating heads. Men get self-cleaning. Men get "closest shave ever."

Women get some sad little thing with pink flowers on it.

My last foray into the sad world of women's electric razors was a little number from Remington (who I figured would know SOMETHING about electric razors). Actually "little" is the wrong word. I splurged for their big super model, with TWO floating heads and an adjustable "length trimmer," whatever the hell that is.

What that is, I learned, is tetanus waiting to happen.

It's basically a (non-electric) razor unto itself. It's metal, it's sharp, it's serrated, and (depending on how high you put it) it sits either just above or just below the nice, safe, floating heads, and (and this is the key part) it is the first part of the Remington shaving experience to have contact with your legs.

I have NEVER cut myself as badly as this thing gashed me. And then, to add injury to injury, the damn thing rusted. Despite all promises of being suitable for wet shaving. (The floating heads didn't -- it was just the adjustable length trimming thing.)

To review, then -- rusty serrated blade ripping into your skin. Niiiiice.

Where's the three floating heads that mold themselves to my skin for a close shave without nicks and cuts? Where's the self-cleaning model that I don't have to wash, rinse and dry to prevent rust forming? Give me my high-tech girly razor!


jennipooh3597 said...

LOLOL I hate shaving! (Maybe is why I'm single? Hmmm. There's a thought) You reminded me of my first and *only* experience with one of those rip yer hair out dealies...The Epilady, I believe. That thing was horror! Jenn

andreakingme said...

Women's electric razors suck. No doubt about that. I used to use my ex-boyfriend's razor. I did! Well, I was desperate.

hempenhomespun said...

If men want us to remove all this hair regularly, you'd think they'd design a GOOD razor to help us out!

brianswife7378 said...

Darlin', do what i do.... go out and get yourself one of those groovy mens' electric razors. they really do work great! and who cares if it's black or silver? i do feel your pain with the womens' razor thing, though... that's exactly WHY i switched;) ~liz

grodygeek said...

What do you want to bet there isn't any women designers at those razor companies. Stupid. sorry, I never thought of it. I had bought a beard trimmer thingie for trimming my hair until that was pointless. I shave my head with a blade. I use my old electric razor and the beard trimmer to do my legs. Yes, ladies, I shave my legs more often than Jenn. Not that its done me any good. Gordy