Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I Got Nothing

Ooo, journaller's block. All I've got today is more of the same -- and, really, we just HAD a stupid-embarrassing-moment-at-work story, and a my-cat-is-an-idiot story. If variety is the spice of life, it is certainly the seasoning of journalling (at least, for this journal).

So, in the absence of something to say, let's just look around this great big world called the internet and see if we can't find something to talk about.

(Why do I feel like I should be taking off a jacket and putting on a nice friendly sweater when I say that?)

So, ladies and gents, it's time for another Stream of Consciousness post.

For inspiration, I went to google and googled "nzforme." Found a few links to my journal, a link to someone's journal linking mine and ...

a message board at a website apparently devoted to discussion of the Nissan (Datsun) 300ZX. Yessir, friends. Someone is trying to find the part number for the "upper rear sturt mount" for his (or her) vehicle, and posted the question under the name nzforme. In this case, I expect the "NZ" in his handle doesn't refer to the beautiful island country just to the right of Australia -- the "Z," I reckon, has to do with said vehicle. Heh.

Acronyms are funny that way. Something that means something totally obvious to me means something different, yet equally obvious, to someone else.

I guess this means that, now that I've been to New Zealand, I can come up with something else for my NZ to stand for. A new goal, as it were.

I'm sure there are plenty of options. We got:

Next Zeitgeist for me.
No zeppelin for me.
Never zero for me.
Natural zest for me.
Nine zillion for me.
Nice zinfandel for me.
Never zirconia for me.
New-age zither for me.
Necromanced zombie for me.
Nymphomaniac Zulu for me.

Hmmm.... so hard to choose. I think I better sleep on it.


andreakingme said...

I'd go with *nice zinfandel for me*

I likes a good zin.

grodygeek said...

Being a geek, I would create a list of "N" nouns and adjectives and "Z" nouns and or adjectives. Things that come to mind are nits, new, nightly, nacrophilliac (you started it with nymphomaniac), nick, zebra, zig, zag, zinc, zipper, zodiac, zoo, zombie, zone, or zing, I'd have to use a dictionary to look up some more. Gordy