Sunday, January 4, 2004

Yet Another Moment to Complain About AOL (1 of 2)

I haven't complained about AOL in, oh, probably at least a month.  So excuse me while I take a moment and fly into a rage.

Today, I had trouble making the "Add Entry" button work.  I never had this problem before, but I remember reading that this was a problem that could be solved by upgrading to 9.0. 

I've been holding off on upgrading because there aren't any new features that I actually want, and I have a history of AOL upgrades being kinda buggy.  I didn't want to upgrade to 9.0 since it didn't have anything I actually needed.  Well, now it does -- it apparently WORKS, whereas 6.0 doesn't.  So, reluctantly, it's time for the upgrade.  (Do the words "planned obsolescence" mean anything to you?)

I downloaded 9.0.  Cranked it up. 

Let me tell you it was hate at first sight.  Why does AOL think that ALL users want more crap cluttering up their screens?  I use AOL for two things:  email and journals.  I never use AOL proprietary content, and if I want to actually surf the web, I turn off AOL and just go directly to a web browser.  (Cable modem.  Different ISP.)  So, I was pleased, at first, when AOL gives you options for personalizing your welcome screen -- but disappointed when I found that they didn't offer a "none of the above" option.  It would be so nice for me (and so easy for them) if I could just sign on to AOL and JUST see whether I've got new mail.


andreakingme said...

Hey, NZ, I never do any Journal updating through AOL anymore. I go through Explorer. You can go through any ISP. Just bring up your Journal addy and sign in and voila. SO much more easy.

AOL better get their act together, though. This Journaling craze is catching on big time here in AOL-J land and if they can't pass muster, everyone's going to go somewhere else. Diaryland. Blogspot. Or where ever.

Better take heed, AOL, and fast.

nzforme said...

Easier thru other browsers? Ha! I was updating at internet cafes all thru New Zealand -- and that was all web based. Half of them didn't have the super-current versions of the browsers necessary to support AOL-J. And when I was lucky enough to find one with current IE, I'd have to do all sorts of convincing to get it to let me post (it usually involved opening the journal in two windows, because the first would freeze).