Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Fate, NZ; NZ, Fate

Let me introduce you to a little pal of mine called "Fate."

After work, I got myself a massage.  Oooo.  Very pleasant indeed.  On the drive home, I started mentally composing a journal entry about it, and, by way of introduction, it was going to start something like this:

"Oh yeah.  Productive day at work, bopping around the office, followed by a massage and loafing in a steam room.  That's the way to live.  It'll take a long time for me to come down from that."

And then I got home, and got the mail, and Fate said:

Jury Summons.



grodygeek said...

There is only one comment:

As Nelson from the Simpsons would say:



olddog299 said...

God is an Iron. Her sense of humor reflects her predilection for irony, no?