Saturday, January 17, 2004

It's a Wonder I'm Normal (2 of 2)

And THEN -- what are the lessons the show is teaching in its subtext? A teenage boy roams around the country living in a motor home with some older guy (to whom he is not related). The boy (whose ethnicity is unclear, although he's kinda brown in color) says a magic word and gets transformed into ... a white guy!

And, of course, his crime-fighting partner (in the spin-off) is some mild-mannered eyeglass wearing schoolteacher woman, who says her own magic word and ... lets her hair down, loses the specs, and ends up dressed in a miniskirt.

Forget Barbie giving young girls the wrong idea about beauty -- what sort of crap was this teaching a generation of kids?

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andreakingme said...

They were just laying the groundwork for today's crop of The Bachelor, et al.