Thursday, January 29, 2004


I'm not pissed off enough about this to build up a full head of steam or anything, but could someone please explain to me why the people at Jiffy Lube are unable to close your car door and give the keys to the cashier?

Here's how it works: Cashier says, "Hey, NZ, your car is ready."

"Oh good," says I. I look out the window. I see that my car is, in fact, ready. Sitting there, outside the service bay.

Cashier offers to go over the recommended Jiffy Lube schedule with me. I take a pass.

Cashier asks for money. I give her a credit card and stand there while it processes.

She prints out my receipt. I look it over to make sure all my car's vital fluids have been appropriately topped off.

I go to my car. I walk around to the driver's side and find the door sitting there wide open. Keys in ignition. The dome light is on because the door is open. The car is pinging its cheerful, "You left your keys in the ignition, moron" alert. This state of affairs has apparently been ongoing while I was futzing around with the cashier.

Now, I figure they must leave the door open because they must have locked customers' keys in the cars one time too many. But the current plan has something of a downside. Like it must be running down my battery. Cars don't light up and ping on their OWN, you know. Not to mention it is letting all the OUTSIDE air into my climate controlled interior. (An issue that would piss me off a lot more if I didn't live in Southern California, but still.) And, y'know, it can't be good from a car theft point of view to just leave cars wide open with keys in them ready to be driven off.

Would it be that freakin' difficult for the service tech to lock the car and then give my keys to the cashier? Thereby accomplishing the twin goals of keeping my car safe and shut, and keeping me from driving off without paying. Looks like a win-win to me.


andreakingme said...

All it'd take is one stolen car incident ... Sheeshus. That's really stupid. I've never heard of a shop doing this.

grodygeek said...

I have no idea. It freaks me out to go to these places. I can't bear another man touching my, my, my car. Her oil cap, her delicate oil dipstick, her husky oil drain plug. How could I let another be intimate with my girl? She carries me faithfully in comfort. She's a dream to start and purrs like a cat and roars like a lion when I need her to. And she loves my colone. WD-40, oh yeah. Let me change your filter, babe. Was it good for you too? Gordy