Sunday, January 4, 2004

Is Anyone Still Playing With the Quiz? (spoilers) 1 of 2

I discovered something really fun about the quiz when I was looking at one of the old ones. Here's a section of questions from the December 2000 version:

i) What jingle precedes a debt of 11/4d?
ii) What lays its eggs on the Cuckoo Flower?
iii) What is black and made from young downy leaves?
iv) Where did three deaths follow attempted tenpin desegregation?
v) In which of his cases did Holmes incriminate the Ku Klux Klan?
vi) With what did a Venetian playwright inspire a Russian composer?
vii) What infamous herbicide had teratogenic effects in Indo-China?
viii) What was founded at James Sloan's Inn at Loughgall?
ix) What divides the land of the Nama people?
x) What was Burgess's mechanical device?

Now, as luck would have it, I know two of these. 5 is "The Five Orange Pips" and 10 is "A Clockwork Orange."

"Hmmm," says I, "There appears to be a pattern here." Armed with this knowledge I can take a reasonable stab at some of the others. Number 7 has got to be "Agent Orange," for instance.

I take this knowledge with me back to this year's test. Look at section 6...

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