Monday, January 26, 2004

My Moment on Reality TV (2 of 2)

I hang up. Start looking around the room. There's something like a puppet theatre opposite the chair next to the telephone. Says "wet paint--don't touch" on it. I'm too discombobulated to actually think that even in the most expensive hotel suite, a newly painted puppet theatre isn't something that ought to be there. Besides, I still need to find a phone book to check on my mom's flight.

The lobby calls again, with some other apology and simultaneous reassurance that I belong in this room. I still don't think I do, but I have more important things to worry about, so I go off upstairs in search of a freakin' phone book.

As soon as I get halfway up the stairs, the nice bellman comes back in and tells me that yes, a mistake was made, and he'll take me to my real room now.

As he takes me in the elevator, two people have a brief discussion about whether to give me an envelope. One doesn't want to give it to me, because I didn't "sit in the chair." The other is adamant that Everyone Gets The Envelope, and hands it to me.

The envelope explains that the hotel was working with the people from "Candid Camera." It thanks me for playing along. It gives me a certificate for a free dinner for two at the restaurant in the hotel.

I eventually found my mom, and we made our way to the theatre just in time for a show that night. Got back and had a lovely dinner, courtesy of "Candid Camera." And then we went back up to our room -- our *real* room.

Which *was* upgraded. Ha.


andreakingme said...

Really?! Bwahahaha! Were you ever featured on the show? (Methinks not, since you were so focused on getting that phone book to the exclusion of anything else.)

This is great, NZ. Too bad you didn't sit in the chair. I wonder what would have happened.

jennipooh3597 said...

:::maniacal giggles::: How funny!!!!