Thursday, September 4, 2003

The Baseline

Gotta know what I'm starting from, right?

I just got back from the gym. I've been going for a few weeks and I've seen some improvement. I also know my limits, though. First time I rode the stationary bike, it said my heart rate was something like 170. One-freakin-seventy. Just riding a bike. On level 2. For twenty minutes. I am a serious wuss.

I've gotten better on the bike, but I did have a repeat way-too-high-heart-rate moment on another piece of equipment. So there's going to be a lot of cardio in my future, as I've really got to build up my endurance.

And on Saturday, a friend took me on my Very First Hike. I suppose I am an optimist in the sense that I am not calling it my Very Last Hike or The Only Hike Of My Life. Four miles. I kept asking her to slow down. It would've been nice to hear the pretty sounds of nature around me, but all I could hear was my breathing. Which was suspiciously loud and labored. Especially on the uphill bits.

I have adjusted my expectations accordingly. I will not sign up for the 12-mile hike (including 2 miles uphill) outside of Queenstown, but will try the 4-mile nature walk. I would very much like to accomplish this in such a way that I appreciate the nature along the way -- it should be a pleasant stroll through the wonders of the planet, not an endurance challenge.

Next probable update: Monday -- First Meeting With Fitness Trainer

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