Monday, September 29, 2003


So, I'm gonna be in a friend's wedding at the beginning of November.  Pretty navy colored dress it would be nice to fit into.  I need pretty navy colored shoes to go with it.

Requirements:  Must have a heel of some height, but the heel can't be spiky (because the ceremony is outdoors and I don't want to aerate the lawn).  Must not be open-toed (because the wedding is in November and outdoors).  Must be navy in color.  Must be available in size 5.  (I swear they've started lying about shoe sizes.  I used to wear a 6.  I think there's some sort of conspiracy to make all shoes sized slightly larger.  So that women with big feet can say they wear a teenier size.  Which is all well and good until those of us with ACTUALLY small feet end up being pushed off the chart.)

I went to "Designer Shoe Warehouse" -- one of those places with a bazillion different shoes all lined up on the shelves.  Was there for about an hour.  Not one damn wide-heeled, close-toed, navy-colored 5 in the place.  Not one.  I started changing my qualifications.  OK, maybe I can walk on my toes so a spike heel would be ok.  Nothing.  All right, I can freeze, I'll get an open-toed shoe.  Still Nothing.  Fine, I'll buy a size 6 and stuff it with insoles so it'll fit.  Yet again, Nada.  Gave up.  Went to Macy's.  Closest thing they had was an open-toed, spike-heeled, navy sandal in a 6.  Left in disgust. 

And to add insult to injury, I didn't get a parking validation, so I had to cough up $5 to park in their stupid lot, just because they didn't have anything I wanted to buy.  It's like a "picky shopper" fine.

Came home, poked around on the net, and found this in less than five minutes.  Let's hope it fits and doesn't look ridiculous.

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pegluh said...

Found the link this time - shoes look cute! I hope they fit you as well as the reviewers. If not, well, feel free to ditch them after the pictures.