Thursday, September 4, 2003

The "About Me" that wouldn't fit in "About Me"

I'm a wuss. I'm the girl who always got a "C" in P.E. because she got a "D for trying" on every test, and the extra points for dressing in the damn uniform every day. Although I'm not what you'd call overweight, I am astonishingly out of shape. I get winded taking two flights of stairs. Recently, I started planning a big huge vacation in New Zealand, and then got it into my head that I might want to do vaguely adventurey things -- things like hiking and whitewater rafting, and perhaps scary things that involve free falling in the general vicinity of a canyon.

Now, I'm nothing if not a planner. I've recently joined a gym and started actually going to it. And the past few weeks have involved some rather momentous occasions in my life -- like My Very First Hike and Swimsuit Shopping (not at the same time). It dawned on me that it might be a good idea to keep a journal of my (hopeful) transformation from Couch Potato to Adventure Woman, and then top it all off with entries from my (hopefully) successful trip.

That's the plan.


rbushu said...

The whole reason I started a journal (That's why it's called MyFitnessJournal but my working title is What a Difference a Day Makes!) was to keep track of my fitness progress. Well, it quickly took a turn into more entertaining thoughts. I figured, I'll just let my bathroom scale and new GAP jeans be the judge of my fitness.

kzbanks said...

Good luck on your fitness goals! I am sure you'll achieve them. ~Kimya~

emmapeeldallas said...

I just found your journal, through Scalzi, and I like it very much, and I'll be back!