Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Game On!

I have to say I'm pleased the recall election will go ahead.  This isn't based on any belief regarding the merits of the 9th Circuit's decision, or even the merits of the recall itself.  It's just that I think the electoral process is kinda cool, and the gubernatorial recall is a somewhat unusual manifestation of the process, and I'm looking forward to seeing it play out.

I mean, history gives us plenty of examples where, if you're not happy with the way the guy in charge is doing the job, you take matters into your own hands and storm the castle.  Assassinations, coups, good old-fashioned revolutions - these are, shall we say, the Old School ways of effecting a regime change.   That the California Constitution has seen fit to provide a rather less bloody way for the people to express their displeasure with the current leader of the State is an unambiguously good thing.

To be fair, I think I'd be enjoying this as an abstract study in democracy if I didn't, you know, live here.  Seeing as I do, I will be somewhat more directly affected by the results of the election - quite probably in a fiscal sense.  And I'll certainly take things seriously when I drive on over to my local U-Haul (I wasn't kidding) to cast my ballot.   But, for now, I'm just enjoying the fun of my unprecedentedly huge packet of voting materials, and the idea that - if the People want it bad enough - they can vote a governor out of office before his term has expired.

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