Thursday, September 18, 2003

Candidate or Actor? Answers

Well, my drive to mock the recall election has dropped down to a crawl now that the 9th Circuit has delayed it.  I mean, I might have six whole months of mocking time -- I've gotta spread it out so I don't peak too early.

Still, I'm going on vacation and wouldn't want to leave you for a whole weekend without the answers to our little Candidate or Actor? game.


1. Who wishes "Peace and love to all"?

Actor Seth Hampton.

2. Who "is also a rusty classical organist, a dabbler on the piano, a tap-dancer, marathon-runner, purple-belt in Karate, and totally geeked-out over The Lord of the Rings"?

Actor Tom Beyer. Which is too bad, really, as I think I’d vote for anyone who used the term "geeked-out" in his candidate statement.

3. Who "would like to thank his friends and family and, of course, the Lord, for their love and support"?

Actor Vincent Ortega

4. Who "adopted [a] puppy and kitten into [his] family"?

Candidate Ralph A. Hernandez (Democrat)

5. Who says, "I don't care who you marry or have sex with"?

Candidate Trek Thunder Kelly (Independent).  Kelly’s statement begins, "Dear Voters, Please vote for me, thus breaking the Seventh Seal and incurring Armageddon." This may be the first time Armageddon has been used as a campaign promise.

6. Who wants us to know, "My wife and I have three daughters"?

Candidate Lingel H. Winters (Democrat)

7. Who says, "I love you Mom and Dad!"

Actress Anna A. White

8. Who has "won nine Emmy awards"?

Candidate David Ronald Sams (Republican)

9. Who is "a born again Christian [who tries] to live by the principles given in God's Word"?

Candidate Robert C. Newman II (Republican)

10. Who "gives thanks and praise to God for her family"?

Actress Jodi Benson.

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