Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Oh yeah, the trip

Haven't done much on the trip lately. After the initial spurt of massive internet research, bugging friends and family who've already been, and complaining to and about the travel agent (oh, the shame of it all! I'm using a travel agent! First time in years. I should be booking this whole thing myself, and would be, were it not for the side-trip to Fiji. Ever try finding a hotel in Fiji with nothing to go on? Yeah) -- so, er, anyway, after all that activity for a month of so, I'm sort of... not.

This is not to say I'm not still outrageously excited about the whole thing -- hell, SOMETHING kept me on that damn exercise bike last night, and it sure wasn't the warm glow of satisfaction that came with staying on that thing for 20 minutes at level (gasp) 4. Actually, maybe *that* was the warm glow of sweat. (That might explain why it was wholly inadequate to make me want to keep going.) No, the trip is still the carrot at the end of all this.

Don't misunderstand me. I like the idea of being all fit and healthy, and fitting into tinier clothes, and being able to bench press something heavier than my cat. But I don't like that idea enough to actually DO anything about it. (Because I also like sitting on my butt watching TV and eating snacks. Rather more than I like going to the gym.) This whole gym thing is strictly short-term. Maybe I'll ultimately find another sport to take up that might have the unexpected side benefit of fitness -- and I wouldn't object to that -- but the exercising I'm doing now is only means to an end.

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