Sunday, September 14, 2003

Candidate or Actor

Let's play a game.  I have here two publications:  the list of candidate statements for California's gubernatorial (and isn't it great that this word starts with "goober"?) recall election, and a list of bios from a program from a musical I just saw.  I'm gonna give you some excerpts from each, and you guess whether the speaker is running for governor or acting in a musical-comedy.  (Go on -- guess in the Comments area.)

1.  Who wishes "Peace and love to all"?

2.  Who "is also a rusty classical organist, a dabbler on the piano, a tap-dancer, marathon-runner, purple-belt in Karate, and totally geeked-out over The Lord of the Rings"?

3.  Who "would like to thank his friends and family and, of course, the Lord, for their love and support"?

4.  Who "adopted [a] puppy and kitten into [his] family"?

5.  Who says, "I don't care who you marry or have sex with"?

6.  Who wants us to know, "My wife and I have three daughters"?

7.  Who says, "I love you Mom and Dad!"

8.  Who has "won nine Emmy awards"?

9.  Who is "a born again Christian [who tries] to live by the principles given in God's Word"?

10.  Who "gives thanks and praise to God for her family"?

Candidate or Actor?  Answers to follow.


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