Friday, September 5, 2003

Holy cow

I just read about a guy dying on Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland.  How horrible and tragic! 

Gotta say, though, that this does absolutely NOTHING for my plan to grow me some cajones for this trip.  In fact, I was just saying the other day (when talking to my folks about thrill rides) that I don't mind things like Tower of Terror, because I trust the people at Disney.  While the idea of free-falling thirteen stories might be otherwise scary, something in the back of my mind tells me, "C'mon, the Disney Imagineers aren't actually going to kill theme park guests."  (The really cynically voice in the back of my mind goes on to say, "If anything, they'd hate the negative publicity.")

Which leads to the question -- If you can't trust the Disney runaway freight train to not actually run away, how can you trust the itty bitty swing out over the canyon not to ... well...

Excuse me, I need to cower under the bed for a little while.

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andreakingme said...

You know, I'm all for adventure and trying new things. And I'm totally into this idea you've got going on -- get in shape, visit some place new, do something that makes your pulse do the funky chicken and hopefully, live to tell others about it. But swinging out over a canyon? No.

Do the ball, T. But for God's sake, I hope you know what you're doing on the wire. I'M getting scared for you and I've never even met you.