Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I go away. I come back.

MAN, leave the internet alone for four days and damn, shit accumulates.

People accuse me of being addicted to the internet.  (Those people are generally the same ones that have a REALLY narrow definition of "work-related purposes," as in "the internet should only be used for work-related purposes.")  But it isn't so much an addiction as ... a neurosis. 

Basically, I hate falling behind.  I like being caught up.  There are some message boards and journals out there that I've read since Day One, and I can't STAND the idea that there's been stuff added to them that I haven't read.  Particularly when I've been with them for this long.  It's like breaking a streak, and I just can't do that.  So when I come back from vacation, I feel as though there's all this "work" that has piled up for me -- in this case, getting caught up on the websites I keep up with.  Because I have to read this stuff.

Cat was really happy to see me for a few hours.  All rubbing up against me and happy to have me home.  Now she's biting again.  Ah well.  Glad to see she hasn't come to any psychological harm during my absence.

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