Saturday, September 6, 2003

Shorts Shopping!

With the requisite entries out of the way, we can get back to the business at hand.

Today I went shorts shopping.  This was a necessity.  I own two pairs of shorts -- one is at least three years old, and the other probably dates to the Reagan administration.  (Those "Units" stores might have gone out of business quickly, but damn that stuff was built to last.)  Anyway, what with going to the gym twice a week, I've been alternating between two sad pairs of shorts ... and, when those are both in the hamper, moving on to sweat pants.  Which isn't pleasant.  Yes, I know they're called SWEAT pants for a reason.  But, y'know, hot as hell in the gym.  Shorts'd be nice.

So, I went shorts shopping, and was kinda reminded of why I don't own a whole lot of shorts to begin with.  There were the tight shorts that made me look like a sausage, the long shorts that made me look like a postal worker, and the really long shorts that made me look like I should be playing professional basketball.  There was also the pair that fit ok, but were a color of blue that really shouldn't be on shorts -- at least not on shorts on pasty white people like me.  (Sort of a light blue, but not a pale blue.  With vaguely fluorescent overtones.  The color of blue that chalk sometimes comes in.  BAD color for shorts.)  I ultimately walked away from there with two pair of denim shorts (which were on sale! yay!) that I wouldn't have bought except my friend pointed out I could roll up the bottoms and they didn't look half bad that way -- even though there was an unfortunate Daisy Duke vibe going on.  (I'm keeping them rolled.  I am NOT cutting them off.  No siree.)

I do note, however, that I can't wear denim shorts to the gym, so although I'm set for more activity in the Great Outdoors, I still haven't solved the gymwear problem.  One step forward -- and I'm at the same place I began.

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