Sunday, September 28, 2003

Now This Is Disturbing

Came home from a weekend away to find a puddle of cat puke on my bedroom floor. This was disturbing.

It was disturbing *not* because my cat was tossing her treats, but because THE BEDROOM DOOR HAD BEEN CLOSED SINCE FRIDAY. In other words, when I grabbed my suitcase, closed the door, and headed off to the airport, I somehow missed a fresh-from-the-factory pile of cat ralph in plain view in the middle of bedroom floor.

It's this sort of behavior that makes me wonder how I get to work in the mornings. Because cat vomit isn't what I'd call easy to miss. It certainly didn't match the color of my carpet. And if this particular deposit was anything like the other two I witnessed on Friday (Kitty clearly had some digestive issues that morning), it wouldn't have smelled minty fresh, if you know what I mean. It had to have been no more that six inches away from my suitcase, and yet I totally passed it by.

Distracted much?

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