Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Jack Cassidy.  Musical Theatre Performer.  (Won a Tony for "She Loves Me").

      Two marriages. 

            First wife:  Evelyn Ward

                      One kid:  David.  Of "I Think I Love You" fame.  Born in 1950.  A fact which should, at this moment, make my sister feel really old.  Cause she had the biggest crush on him when we were kids.  And, y'know, he's in his 50s now.

            Second wife:  Shirley Jones.  Think movie musicals.  Oklahoma!  Carousel.  Music Man.  Played David's mom in "Partridge Family."

                      First son:  Shaun Cassidy.  Big hit with "Da Doo Ron Ron"  Also a Hardy Boy.  Note:  Parker Stevenson (other Hardy Boy) is not a Cassidy.  Rookie mistake.

                      Second son:  Patrick Cassidy.  Musical theatre actor.  Saw him on stage the other day and he smiled at me.  Swoon.  *Thud.*  Genetics.

                      Third son:  Ryan Cassidy.  Acting in local theatre.  Interesting note:  A google search for the terms "Other Cassidy Brother" pulls up the Official Ryan Cassidy website.


pegluh said...

An apparently significant gap in my pre-80s pop-culture knowledge has been filled. Thanks.... a lot.

boogan0328 said...

The only reason "other cassidy brother" turns up Ryan's site is because they have an "Other Related Links" page.....I was curious and checked for myself.