Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Now this is a ramble (part the first)

Wow, my first case of blogger's block.

You were thirty seconds away from an interesting (if ultimately pointless) analysis of the federal court's decision to postpone the California recall election.

In lieu of that, there was going to be a cute story about how I messed with Nick's head using my freakish ability to turn my wrists and elbows around just a teeny bit beyond where wrists and elbows normally go.

But nothing feels right, and I do feel some sort of obligation to the blank screen, my two known readers (neither of whom is my mother) and whoever kindly kicked my counter up those few unaccounted-for clicks. So I'm just going with the old stream-of-consciousness, start-typing-and-see-what-happens thing.

Actually, to be more accurate, it would be "stream-of-semi-consciousness." There was Very Little Sleep last night, and I'm not functioning on all cylinders today. I mean, I thought I was faking awake pretty good, until I got to work and the first thing my co-worker said upon seeing me was, "What's wrong?" About an hour later I got a look at myself in the mirror and confirmed the diagnosis -- I did indeed look like shit warmed over.

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