Tuesday, September 30, 2003

It's the Paws!

I get pets. 

Which is a good thing, seeing as I have one.  I guess what's so remarkable about it is I got the kitten before I "got" pets.

I mean, I had a goldfish when I was a kid, which isn't exactly the same.  Was scared of dogs.  Liked cats, but didn't like when they sat on my lap.  Pets were messy.  You either had to walk them or clean their boxes.  And they had doggy breath, or smelled like cat food.  And dogs bit and cats scratched.  And they were always begging at the table or jumping on the counter.  And getting fleas and fur everywhere.

And somehow all this changed a few weeks ago.  I finally got it.  I mean, sure, I had already figured out that my cat is the cutest thing ever, and "salmon-breath" was an adorable little smell, and she only nipped at me 'cause she loved me.  But I saw someone walking their dog and this time I saw it!  I saw the person a few paces ahead and the dog scampering to keep up, and just bouncing along with the biggest unconditional love smile on its canine face.  And I thought, "How can you not get one of these?"  It's just so easy to give them so much joy they can't contain themselves.  What's not to love?

And they're cute.  The cute widdle furry face, and the widdle pink paws.  How can you not love pink paws?

P.S.  No, mom, this does not mean I'm considering having kids.

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pegluh said...

Pets are so much easier than kids. No contest. I can't believe you didn't like cats sitting on your lap! How things change when you have a furball of your own.