Saturday, September 6, 2003

P.S. to Requisite Entry #1

That entry was supposed to end with the following line:

"Feel free to leave a comment -- if you have a screen name, are using a recent version of Netscape and can keep your thoughts to something like 200 characters.  Sheesh."

I had to cut it because AOL kept saying I was over the 2500 character limit.  There's irony for ya.

Add to the list of Things I Want From AOL Journals:  a message that doesn't just say, "Sorry, you're over the 2500 character limit," but one that actually tells you how many characters you have to delete in order to make the cut-off.  Because when I run my posts through the Character Counter in MS Word, I am well under the max.

(Yes, I know this is because AOL counts the HTML characters too, but since they're invisible, I don't know how many of them are in here.  It'd help if AOL let us know.)

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