Monday, September 8, 2003

Jasmine's Evil Twin

I am weirded out.

I am, in fact, so weirded out that I'm not going to tell you all about Nick, who may well be the best personal trainer ever, simply because -- despite promises to the contrary -- he decided there was no need to actually measure my percentage body fat. Yay Nick!

So, I come home from the gym and see the weirdest thing -- my cat outside my door. This is weird because Jasmine is an indoor cat. I live on the second floor.

Did someone break in to steal all my stuff and kicked my cat out? I try the door -- still locked.

I wonder if she possibly could have gotten out. I leave a window open for her. Maybe she knocked out the screen, survived the fall, and somehow walked back up the stairs to wait by my door.

Hard to believe. But it's my cat. White with adorable little black patches. I reach down (it's a little dark) to feel for the trademark big fluffy tail. Check.

I open the door and she jumps in the house.

Where Jasmine is waiting. NOT happy to meet the other cat. A hiss-fest ensues.

I quickly grab Jasmine before I blink and they switch places. I toss Jasmine in a closed room and try to lure the stranger outside. I throw a toy and she doesn't chase it (further proof it is not, in fact, my cat). I finally shake keys at her for a few minutes and she ultimately follows.

She's still out there. Jas can sense her and hisses, even though there's ten feet and a closed door between them.

I'm curious who this cat is. I don't think she lives in my building, and I'm wondering how the hell she sensed that her GOOD twin lived here, and somehow ended up waiting outside my door, weirding out both me and my cat.

Excuse me. I've got to go get the clicker and try some tricks with Jasmine. Just to make ABSOLUTELY certain.

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