Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Sorry, gotta bitch about AOL again

I'm trying, really.

See that entry down there?  Guess how long it took me to post it.  If you say "longer than it took to write," you're correct.

I wrote it in MS Word, so as not to waste connection time.  I then logged on.  Copied it.  Pasted it.  Tried to post it.  Failed because of the 2500 character limit.

Now, I know it was well under the limit.  Word clocked it at something like 1400, and I didn't have any html in it.

Figured maybe it had something to do with the line spacing in Word.  Single spaced it.  Did the whole copy/paste/post thing again.  Failed again.

Figured the problem might've been the font.  Saved it as plain text.  Reopened.  Copied/pasted/posted.  Too long, says AOL.

Finally copied it into an email.  Mailed it to myself.  Opened it.  Copied the text from the received email.  Pasted it here.  It posted without problem.

Exactly how is this supposed to be convenient?  I understand that AOL Journals are supposed to be all user-friendly and everything, and I'd say that, so far, the experiment has failed miserably.  First, you can't use html from a Mac.  Then, there was all that crap with posting photos -- and the stupid "album" software I'm now saddled with.  Now, I spend twice as much time posting a short thought because it either (a) actually exceeds the character limits and I have to go back and edit it or (b) the formatting from Word carried over in a way that exceeded the character limits.

AOL Journals' current grade:  D.  And that's 'cause I'm feeling generous.

Going to the gym tonight.  Oddly looking forward to it.

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