Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Am I the Only One...?

And speaking of technical foul-ups, is this happening to anyone else?

-- I go to add an entry to my journal, and when I try to open the "Add Entry" page, I keep getting script errors.  I ultimately have to close the journal and reopen it.  Then "Add Entry" works fine.

-- For some reason, it will DEFINITELY go wrong if I try to hit "Add Entry" before the journal page has finished completely loading.

-- The same script error thing sometimes happens if I try to "show recent" comments.  I have to close the journal then reopen in order to see them.

-- Oddly, this only seems to happen from within AOL.  If I'm just reading (or editing) the journal from the web, I do not get these problems.

Anyone?  Anyone?  

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mlraminiak said...

I asked the AOL "answer man" about this, and he gave me some crap about...well, it was convoluted and complicated. As you seem to have figured out, it has to do with waiting until the page COMPLETELY loads before touching any "edit" buttons. Pain in the butt, but I've learned to live with it. Couldn't possibly explain the reasons, just go by experience! lisa :-]