Friday, November 28, 2003

Weeeeeeeeeeee! (2 of ?)

So, as soon as he calls for 3 more people down at the jump platform --

-- let me take a moment here to talk about the canyon swing.  It is definitely a SWING and not a bungy.  One thing I did not realize, though, is that it is rather longer than some bungy jumps.  (Many of the folks I was with had done a 50m bungy.  This, as previously mentioned, was about twice that.  But all the folks who had bungied agreed that this was less scary.  So YAY for the swingness of the Swing.)  Nonetheless, there is a significant bit at the start when you're pretty much just heading downward into a canyon at a rapid pace.  After we saw the first guy do it, the word "jump" seemed to describe things.--

So, I get down there and sign a really nicely written waiver of liability.  (It was a single page, easily numbered paragraphs, big type, and very clearly meant, "I will not sue you ever."  I was impressed.  I hoped their engineers were as good as their lawyers.)

They put me in this harness thing that included a seat sitting under/against my butt.  I waited while a few others jumped (several who went before me wanted to go again -- I considered this a good sign) and eventually it was my turn.

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andreakingme said...

Humph. Tell me your thighs were quivering. Tell me the air you dragged into your lungs felt icy cold!