Thursday, November 6, 2003

Feel the Whine (Part 1 of 2)

Yeah, well, Sothisatreadmill is feeling a little unloved today.  Yesterday, I wrote what I considered to be a charming little Hamlet-inspired bit on whether to see Matrix Revolutions, and every time I clicked on my journal today to see if anyone caught the little "Undiscovered Country/Star Trek VI" line, I saw the counter had only gone up by 1.  Boy is that depressing.  I'm the only one driving my counter up.

And it isn't just that.

Obviously, like many other journallers, I'm a little peeved at AOL's selection of a non-journal for its 15 Hours of Fame winner.  Now, I didn't even enter this contest, so it isn't like I'm disappointed that I didn't win it.  But I am miffed that this contest was advertised to journallers as a sort of way to get us journalling -- and then they give the first award to someone who writes a single entry bio, rather than an actual journal.

I'm also a little ticked about my exclusion from the whole Editor's Picks thing.  Back when the Editor's Picks were daily, I got a nice little email from the Journals Editor saying my journal would be featured there, and to sign the release and send a photo in case I'm selected #1.  Cool.  I send the release and send the photo.  Then nothing.  Editor's Picks go to weekly, and I notice several recent top 5 picks are new journals that were started well after I sent back my release form.  (I keep saying to myself, "Hey, maybe they want to use me as the #1 journal and they want to rotate that spot among different types of journals," but really -- how much longer am I gonna fall for that?)  Apparently, I was worthy -- but am worthy no longer.  Thanks.


andreakingme said...

The Editor's Weekly Journal Picks is a joke and not a true reflection of the quality Journals in the Community. They're obviously getting sloppy about it; this week's Number One pick was the Number One pick only a month ago.


hempenhomespun said...

I wouldn't fret about the #1 pick thing. Nobody reads those editor picks journals anymore anyway.

mlraminiak said...

Y'know...I like reading other journals...and I write one because I think it's cool that someone might read it and connect to it. I visit your journal because I enjoy it. But I didn't know this whole thing was a contest. Maybe I'm just out of the loop...?