Thursday, November 13, 2003

Snorting Coke

I snorted coke today.

Not that kind.  The kind that ends with "-a cola."

Yes, I know, traditionally, when there is a mishap involving coke and one's nose, the soda is generally travelling in the outward direction.  What can I say?  I'm a non-conformist.

The unfortunate incident occurred shortly after I'd opened a bottle of beverage and inserted a straw, for easier consumption while typing on the computer at work.  I commenced slurping through the straw, and the soda therein got so excited at the prospect of travelling northward, it continued on its journey even after I had ceased drinking and removed the straw from my mouth.

In other words, frothy coke up the nose.

I was laughing so hard I very nearly sent it on the return trip.


sonensmilinmon said...

OH NOOOO! Did it BURN!!! Gawd, I did something like that with Pepsi and I swear I thought my nose was on FIRE!
Smilin Mon

nzforme said...

Yowch -- no, mine wasn't that bad. You must've had the misfortune to take rather more on board that I did.

mdkjic said...

My husband used to be a coke dealer. (The a-cola variety.) One evening we went to dinner and he was talking about selling coke then doing his time at the Correctional Institute. (The job after selling coke.) As I am an eavesdropping addict I couldn't help but think someone was listening to him...and they thought we were Debris d'blanc. (Nice was of saying white trash.) Anyway! Loved your coke snorting story.