Friday, November 14, 2003

Pack Up My Troubles ... Where?

OK, I'm leaving in less than two weeks so it's time for some serious pre-travel purchasing. I've already acquired something on the scale of 4 pairs of shorts (which pretty much triples my previous collection) and two swimsuits (the second of which was purchased on the internet - and, to my great surprise, actually fits enough to be wearable).

But now I'm stumped. Part of the trip is this really cool tall ship cruise thing in Fiji. I am told to bring ... and I'm gonna quote this, "a soft kit bag (which remains on board), [and] a small overnight bag for the village."

OK. I know what a small overnight bag is, and I even have a pretty good idea of what to put in it (say, toothbrush and sleepwear for starters).

But what the f* is a "kit bag"? My dictionary helpfully offers several definitions for "kit," and since I assume that my "kit bag" is not, in fact, what I keep my kitten in (she's not coming with), I've got to go with the definition that suggests it is my "personal equipment."

So, basically, a "soft kit bag (which remains on board)" is, a George Carlin would say, "a place for my stuff." Well, that helps. What stuff are we talking about? What the heck am I gonna need when I'm on the boat? I figure: towel, wrap, something in the "dry clothing" department, sunscreen, and (the all-important) lemon drops. What else am I missing? I don't think I'll know till I'm there and then realize a very valuable item has been overlooked from my "kit."

And what sort of bag are we talking about? If they'd said something like, "backpack" or "small duffel," I'd be on the right page. But running the phrase "kit bag" through ebags is getting me nowhere.

I believe there is the right tool for every job, and I hate finding myself in the situation where I have the wrong tool -- and that extends to clothing and personal items.

So, MacGyver me up, people.  What the heck is a "soft kit bag" and what do I put in it?


rinakatay21 said...

wow! I can't believe the trip is almost here! I'm SO jealous! You're gonna have a BLAST! =)

I have no idea about a soft kit bag though...but you're doing good on minimalizing...I travel with way too much stuff =D Next trip I take, you're giving me lessons!

olddog299 said...

Also, if you have a sensitive bone in your body, bring sari's and wrap-type dresses for visiting outside of resorts. It shows respect for the cultural mores of the folks you'll be visiting to NOT flaunt your womanhood everywhere like a bloody Ugly American.

olddog299 said...

Don't forget the sun literally disappears at sundown in the tropics so be prepared for a slight chill with a light cotten sweater. Mustn't forget camera, film and binoculars, a lightweight poncho (it rains alot and then turns steamy), insect repellant, scopalamine patches (RX) and ginger for seasickness, a hat or other head covering for both sun protection and for respect when visiting village churches and mosques.

olddog299 said...

Think of it as a canvas duffle bag with a rope and slider closure - aka a "Sea Bag" from my youth. "Kit" was a generic British term for one's "stuff" - I grew up with my Canadian-bred mother referring to 'packing your kit up the stairs' meaning "Take your stuff upstairs and put it away". <Bloody 500 byte limit sucks>

nzforme said...

>a canvas duffle bag with a rope and slider closure< Now THAT I understand. Thanks for all the tips -- that'll come in handy. (Ginger? I've always used lemon drops.)