Saturday, November 29, 2003

A word on fitness (or lack thereof)

OK, now you know I tried to get in shape for this trip.  I joined a gym and actually went to it (sometimes I went even when Peggy didn't take me -- ok, three times, but still).  And I've been eating a lot less worse than I used to. 

It appears that all this effort has resulted in me being at the very, very low end of "average fitness."  I mean, if my state of fitness was graded, I'd get a D for "barely passing."  When we walked out to the Canyon Swing platform (the brochure called it a "2 or 3 minute walk") I very nearly had to stop to rest.  I get winded walking up the hill to my hotel.  Walking upstream, I got passed by people who were hauling funyaks.  In general, when everyone is walking along at a fast clip, I'm bringing up the rear, moving slow and breathing heavy.  Basically, when you get right do it (putting it in the proper frame of reference), I'm Gimli.

Edited to add:  I should also note that next Saturday, Queenstown is hosting the World Triathlon Championships.  Which means the city has just had an influx of 1600 amazingly fit people -- who are seriously bringing up the average level of fitness around here.


rinakatay21 said...

Wow! Your adventure sounds SO amazing! I'm gald you're having a blast! Have you taken the altitude into consideration? I don't know how high up you are, but when I was at the Grand Canyon (and Denver last year) the mtn. walks killed me...

grodygeek said...

I don't think you are a wussy. So, you're not perfect. You are there and you are having fun living a dream. You go girl! Stare back at the mirror and say Ha! I said Ha!