Saturday, November 22, 2003

Dear Diary... Part 1 of 2

I never really thought of my journal as ... a JOURNAL ... but I feel like just recounting what happened today.

1.  Woke up.  Showered.  Played with cat.  Prepared to shop for "Kit bag" and "Reef Walking Shoes."

2.  Realized I didn't know what "Reef Walking Shoes" were either.  Took research break.  OK, now I'm ready to shop.

3.  Noticed Jasmine being so cute in the sink.  Stopped for photo break.  NOW, ready to shop.

4.  Go to REI.  REI is having huge sale.  (Yay!)  For winter things.  (Boo!)  They have Reef Walking Shoes.  (Yay!)  But only in size 11.  (Boo!)  They checked their system and another local REI has them.  (Yay!)  But it's like an hour's drive away.  (Boo!)

5.  They had some Teva sandals, though.  I could use some Teva sandals.  Although not for $60.  (I had a back-up plan here.)

6.  After my executive decision (with much thanks to Olddog for his input) that a "kit bag" is, as far as I'm concerned, a duffel, I thought I'd get one at REI.  They were out of mediums -- only had Large, Extra Large, Giant, and Colossal.  Left REI with nothing. 

7.  Put back-up Teva plan into action.  Went to Designer Shoe Warehouse -- which seems to specialize in off-season stuff.  They had a big pile of Tevas in my size (which I knew from that bridesmaid shoe shopping experience).  Found some.  Cheaper than REI.  Yay me.  Also bought some flip-flops.

.... a brief digression on flip-flops.  That is just one fashion craze I do not get.  Call me old-fashioned but I just can't wrap my brain around the idea of people wearing flip-flops indoors.  Like they were shoes or something.  Flip-flops belong on the beach, or by the pool.  Period.  Which is why I never bothered to buy any.  'cepting now, I'm going to find myself near water.  So I got some.  I actually got 2 pair, as they were 1 for $9.90 and 2 for $10.  (They're ugly, but cheap and functional.)

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andreakingme said...

I like this journal-like peek into your life. (Yay!) Too bad you don't do it more often. (Boo!)