Sunday, November 23, 2003

Takes a licking (part 1 of 2)

Bought me a Timex today.  Actually, it's a Kids' Timex.  I already have a watch -- two actually -- but for the trip, I wanted something (1) water-resistant; (2) with an alarm; and (3) cheap enough that I didn't care if it fell off in a river someplace.  My watches didn't meet those requirements.  But I saw a $14 Kids' Timex at Target and thought, "That's my watch!"  (Target actually had a cheaper model but it was by some company I'd never heard of, and I wondered if the battery would last a month.)

So, I bought the Timex.

Now, I was all set to tell you a cute story about Timexes of my childhood, but I need to take brief digression into the instructions.  It begins with pointing out the five buttons on the watch (all of which are clearly labelled) and then giving each one a number.  The instructions then read:

"Instruction guide -- Instructions start from time display.  Press button 1 once.  Press button 3 two times to select mode.  Press button 4 then button 1.  Press button 1 (button 2) several times or hold to increase (decrease) digits of display.  Press button 1 or 2.  Press button 5, hold for 3 seconds.  Beep tone."

I swear to the Almighty; that's what it says.

I just threw them out and "punched buttons the way a 12 year old would" and it works fine.


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