Thursday, November 27, 2003

The Journey So Far (Part 2 of ?)

Ah, the Sydney airport.  Like any other big city international airport, it's one big Duty Free shop with the occasional gate.  Sat and read for three hours -- tried to get on the net but couldn't find a terminal -- and got on the flight to Auckland.

OK -- several things were better about the flight to Auckland.  The first, clearly, was that it was only a couple hours.  We were only allowed to use the video screens for 90 minutes, which was a shame, because (as I'm sure the astute readers have already figured out) this was a flight out of Australia, so I got the way better movie selection.  Also, this was one of those planes with only two classes of service, so somehow my Business Class ticket transformed itself into a First Class seat, so I got one of them seats that reclined all the way flat into a bed.  Clearly, this would've been put to much better use had I had it for the 13 hour flight, but it was still very comfy as a lounge chair.

When I got to the Auckland airport, I high-tailed it over to Immigration.  On my way, I passed a pinball machine for Terminator 2.  It dawned on me that people all over the planet likely knew who my Governor was, and would mock me for it if they got the chance.  Made note to not say I was from California, if asked.

(My, this is turning into a long entry for what was basically sitting on an airplane.)

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andreakingme said...

Yeah. I can hardly wait to see what you have to say about The Zorb!