Saturday, November 8, 2003

:::sniff::: You guys. :)

Wow.  I was really expecting/dreading rather more negative comments because of my whine below.  (Not one person told me to adjust my meds.  Color me shocked.)  I really appreciate the support I've received (both via comments and email) and I'm particularly pleased that my comments about the member awards have prompted some ideas on how to maybe make them better in the future.  Of course, any decisions in that area are up to Vivian -- but I'm pleased at the thought that something constructive might come out of me being all tantrumy -- I'd really hoped that things would be taken in that spirit (constructive, not tantrumy) and I'm glad that it looks like they have been.

I've also taken some advice and added an "Other Journals" panel.  I hadn't done that from that start mostly ... well, mostly because the first other journals that I'd read around here were the ones I'd checked out from the Editor's Picks -- and although sometimes they were really good journals that I'm glad I was directed to, many of the others were just stuff I didn't want to read.  Well, now I've actually been pointed to enough good other journals that I have them all "favorite placed" on various screen names and various computers, and now it seems like a good idea for me to keep them all in the same place.  Short descriptions appear in the next entry.

Also, a follow-up...  I was asked in the comment thread for this entry how (and why) I got Mr. T's autograph.  They filmed an episode of "A-Team" near my dad's office, so at lunch, he went over and asked Mr. T for an autograph for his daughter (apparently thinking it'd be embarrasing to ask for himself).  It reads:  "Dear [NZ].  God Bless You.  Mr. T."  A few hours later, my dad's secretary went over and asked for an autograph for her boss's daughter.  It reads:  "Dear [NZ].  God Bless You.  Mr. T."  So, yeah, Mr. T really cares about my immortal soul.


andreakingme said...

I think you're all set for the Zorb; I don't know anyone who's been blessed twice by Mr. T. Hurl your bones down a steep hill with abandon!

Just survive so you can blog about it later, okay?

somenuttychic said...

You know what they say: "The squeeky wheel gets the grease." I'm just glad you squeeked. :-)