Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Yes, Alan Rickman.

A couple entries down, I casually mentioned a crush on Alan Rickman.  It's true.  I got the DVD of the latest Harry Potter movie and I just watch him send Kenneth Branagh sailing down the table over and over again.  "Expelliarmus!"  Boom.  Thud.  (Tee hee.  Cracks me up every time.)

I digress.  Point is, Alan Rickman = nummy.  There, I've said it. 

You want to know the moment I knew I was thirty?  I went to the movies and saw that remake of Man in the Iron Mask starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and I kept thinking, "Get that boy off the screen and give me more Gabriel Byrne."

Yes, there's that unfortunate moment in any girl's life when she looks at a picture of Orlando Bloom and says, "Is he 18 yet?"  Because, really, even if we're just talking about one's fantasy life, you still want to make sure it's legal.  Otherwise, y'know, ewww.

So, yes, I have a crush on Alan Rickman.  I think it proves I'm a grown-up.


somenuttychic said...

Yes, you're definitely a grown up. But I think Orlando Bloom is HOT! If he's not at least 18 I'll be severely bummed. (Just thought I'd check in before I check out.) :-)

musenla said...

i didn't even LOOK at orlando bloom, since i was too busy drooling over viggo mortensen.

nzforme said...

My point, exactly, musenla. Orlando = pretty boy. Viggo = Man.