Friday, November 28, 2003

Weeeeeeeeeeee! (3 of ?)

I joked with the Swing guys a bit -- this was part of their job, making me comfy and all.  The nice man attached my carabiner clip to the swing apparatus and said I was attached.  I said, "Are you sure?"  He said yes.  I said, "Do you swear to G-d that I'm attached?"  He said that swearing to G-d doesn't mean anything for him, but that he'd swear "to beer."  I looked at him and decided this was the most serious oath he could take.  I must be attached.

All things considered, it did not take me a long time to actually jump.  I stood at the edge of the platform getting really nervous, but since I somehow knew I was going to do this, I just did it.  As I was rushing down toward the canyon (hi mom), my exact thought was, "Holy shit, this is fun!"

They hauled me back up, and I was shaking like a leaf.  All things considered, I did not want to go again, but was really pleased to have done this once.  (Photographic evidence will be purchased at an outrageous price tomorrow, and posted upon my return.)


sweetmelissa4u said...

I love it...Thanks for taking us along on your vacation. I've never been there, so I am truly enjoying your journal. Thanks again, and have FUN!!!!!!

andreakingme said...

Atta girl! You're so BRAVE! So how long do you think it actually lasted, from drop to haul-back-up? And how much does it cost to put your life into danger? Hmmm?

nzforme said...

It cost NZ$109 (they priced it that way 'cause of the distance). US price is roughly 2/3 of that. Second and subsequent jumps (for those so inclined) were WAY cheaper. $35 and $25, IIRC. As for time, I couldn't say. I read that you freefall for the first 60 meters, so we could work that bit out with elementary physics -- but after that the "swing" part kicks in and you go the rest of the distance in a "gentle arc." I'd estimate the whole thing at a minute, but it was hard to tell.