Friday, November 21, 2003

T minus... Dang

When I was paying for my Hep B vaccine this morning, the lady taking my credit card asked where I was going (New Zealand and Fiji), when I was leaving (Wednesday) and whether I'd packed yet.

Er... no.  Hell, I still haven't bought a "soft kit bag" yet.  I'm going to have to get around to that packing business any day now.  And my Dry Erase board has a great big list of Things To Do Before I Go.

And what is frustrating (in that exciting sort of way) is that NOTHING is ever DONE.  I make progress on a whole lot of fronts, but I still haven't reached the point where I can check anything off.  (Don't you hate that?  Like these damn shots.  I've been working on this for about a month now, and have finally been poked with a grand total of five of these little buggers, so I'm set for the trip.  Of course, there's a footnote on that -- I need to get the third HepB shot in about six months.  Will I ever be DONE?)

Anyway, today is when I realized I've gone from "all the time in the world" to "There is NO WAY I'm going to get everything done."  I think it hit me when I checked eBags and discovered they can't get anything to me before I go.  Yipes.  Which means, tomorrow, I've got to:

- go to the mall and try to find me a soft kit bag or reasonable facsimile thereof

- go to a bookstore and buy some books to read for the flight(s).

- see if there's a store left in California that has summer clothes for sale in November

- e-mail the whitewater rafting people and try to book a ride

- put my entire schedule into my PDA and figure out if any more blanks need filling

- Oh!  Buy extra batteries for the PDA

Not to mention a whole lot of stuff I have to get done (mostly theatre critic stuff) before I hit the road.  Sky.  Whatever I'll be hitting.

It's the combination of terrific excitement and total freak-out-ness.  Eeeee.

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