Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Decisions, Decisions

To see Matrix Revolutions or not to see it.  That is the question

Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer

Keanu Reeves's bad acting and an incomprehensible plot

Or to stand up against such piffle and go without seeing

the trilogy end?  To give up?

To give up?  And by giving up to end

The boredom of Neo killing hundreds more Agent Smiths

Tis a scenario I could really get behind.  Yes, to give up.

To give up and perhaps only imagine the movie I'm missing

Aye, there's the rub.

For surely my imagination can envision something actually worth seeing.

And that must give me pause.  Indeed, that's what

Makes me so often attend lousy sequels.

For who would bear Men in Black II,

Back to the Future III, and that second Jurassic Park

if they could easily be avoided?

No, who would possibly suffer through five Rocky movies

and Attack of the Clones

Were it not for the dread that you're missing something really good by not going?

The undiscovered country about which friends speak at the water cooler

on Monday morning -- puzzles the will

and makes us rather suffer through Star Trek VI

than sit at home on opening weekend and play with the cat.

Thus peer pressure does make cowards of us all,

And the intelligent decision to bypass that which should not be seen

is defeated by a sad addiction to pop culture.

And decent weekend plans to read a book

are turned away by the need for closure.

Oh, Trinity -- In one wave of thy vinyl coat,

Be all my weaknesses remember'd


andreakingme said...

NZ, you KNOW I think you're talented. This poem just scratches the surface. But you probably also know my Matrix addiction, right? Har. I love Keanu Reeves. He made me cry in that movie with Al Pacino, THE DEVIL's ADVOCATE.

And maybe it's just my overly romantized imagination, but I think there's something special about Keanu. I read articles about his social reticence and my heart aches a bit.

Okay. So it IS my cheesy side. But I can live with that. <wink>

rbushu said...

Do what I do: go for the large buttered popcorn and diet coke. If something better comes of it, you're ahead. If not, at least you had a nice snack! I love Keaneau in Speed. I was his costar in that one, not little miss cutie pie with the upturned nose, Sandra Bullock. Neo just makes me want to grind my teeth.

andreakingme said...

<< Neo just makes me want to grind my teeth. >>

WHUT?! Rbushu, bite your tongue!

I guess that means I won't have any trouble from you when it comes to claiming Neo as my own ...

hempenhomespun said...