Sunday, November 9, 2003

OK, OK, I'm going

Just so y'all know, I'll be going to see "Matrix Revolutions" (ooh, no italics -- she must be on the Mac) this morning. Probably just as soon as I finish this entry and shower and all that other stuff. I realized last night that I have to see it today.

Why? Because I have to see "Master and Commander" next weekend. And I'm not entirely certain Matrix will still be on a decent screen in two weeks' time. And since I know I'll see it EVENTUALLY, I might as well have the best possible viewing experience.

Now, why do I have to see "Master and Commander" next weekend? Well, there are a bunch of things I learned about the movie this morning which just confirmed my decision -- like that Peter Weir directed it, or that David Threlfall (amazing British stage actor from way back) has a small part, or that the critics actually like the movie. None of which I knew last night when I drove past a billboard that said the film was opening next week and I thought, "Well, then I'd better make room for it next week then." I have to see this picture as soon as it comes out because I'm in love.

Not with Russell Crowe. Lordy no. (I still haven't entirely forgiven him for "Gladiator," although I'll concede he did show some actual acting ability in "L.A. Confidential.") So, no, I'm not going to drool in my popcorn over Russell Crowe -- especially not a Russell Crowe who has -- from the looks of things -- put on a pound or twenty.

No. I'm in love with sailing ships. Have someone yelling "Hoist the topsail!" and I am all over your movie like... like.... Andrea on a Keanu Reeves flick. I love them tall ships. Every time there's some sort of tall ship parade in town, I always go visit to check out the recreations. One time, I even went out on one for an afternoon sail and gun battle with another ship. (We won. Yuh-huh. Take that Spirit of Newport.) Hell, my New Zealand trip contains a side trip to Fiji -- which came about only because I poking around the web looking for things to do in New Zealand, and I stumbled upon a adventure-style Tall Ship cruise in Fiji. Tall Ship -- three days! Eeeee!

Hmmm -- so, as far as marketing for this movie is concerned, I think this means I'm a guy.

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