Thursday, November 6, 2003

Feel the Whine (Part 2 of 2)

I'm a little disappointed about the AOL members-voting-for-members awards for journal excellence, too.  Not so much my exclusion therefrom (although, y'know, ouch) but the duplication of nominees.  One Journal got nominated for four different awards, one got nominated for three, and five got nominated twice.  Where there could have been thirty nominated journals picking up extra readers from the attention of the nominations, we're left with only two-thirds of that amount.  There's also two nominees who have declined their nominations -- but they're still in there, even though their withdrawal could have made room for two more nominees to get some attention.

I wish I knew the way to say this without it sounding like: (a) sour grapes; (b) an insult to Vivian (who has nothing but the best intentions and really is trying to do something nice for the AOL Journalling community); and/or (c) I'm casting aspersions on the nominees (who have genuinely good journals worthy of the attention they're getting).  It's just that -- well, every time I see an online poll, it always gets messed up by people who tell all their friends to "stuff the ballot box" in their favor, and the winner ends up being not so much the person who might otherwise deserve to win, but rather the person who has the most contacts in their address book.  Please believe me -- I'm not accusing any of the nominees of doing this.  But when I see 20 journals filling up 30 nomination slots, it starts looking vaguely "cliquey" to me.

I'm sure I'm over 2500 characters so I'll stop.  I'm just not feeling the love right now.


rinakatay21 said...

Wellll....I'm all for starting the non-cool journalers clique! =D Nobody around here likes me either..=P

All joking aside, your journal is great! It's got a cute little theme, a point, a purpose, and some great entries! Mine just rambles on and on. Keep your head up girly, you rock =)

pegluh said...

Consider all the worthless drivel out there, perhaps it's better that you remain slightly underappreciated. Us elitist fans are selfish like that, you know. If you went all popular, I'd have to stop reading you out of fear for being a joiner.

sonensmilinmon said...

Hi, I hop around exploring a lot of different journals and I came across that member journal poll ~ I decided right away that it looked like a popularity contest and I always avoided those things ... so, no voting here. But, I'm willing to get together with rinakatay21 and join a non-cool journal clique!!! :) Kidding aside, I like what I see here! Hopefully the editors will realize the goof and get yours in that top 5!
Smilin Mon

andreakingme said...

{{ NZ! }}

Something to consider: all of the Journals nominated are big participators in other Journals, either by linkage or by making comments. (Well, except for Insight 32, one of the photography nominees. But I don't think there are many photo Journals out there yet.)

That said, I was disappointed, too, by some of the repeat nominees. It seems to me that the same people participating in this are also doing all of the voting.

slowmotionlife said...

I was the one nominated three times, and while it makes me feel loved, I couldn't agree more! Spread the love around, man!! I honestly don't want to be seen as one of the "popular" journalers, because sure enough, people are gonna start to hate you. Please don't hate me! ::pout:: Great journal. Award-worthy! Feel the love - I'm sendin' some YOUR way! :P

hempenhomespun said...

One genuine glowing comment is worth more than a snazzy award, at least in my book. I've been putzing around here and you definitely have a little adoring public of your own.
Advice to anyone with an "overlooked" journal. Trust in your talent. Don't look to others to be validated.