Saturday, November 8, 2003

Other Journals Panel

OK, most of the other journals I've linked to over there in "Other Journals" are probably journals you've already read.  Odds are that's how you've found me.  And my hearty thanks to them.  Still, good to sum up what I'm linking to. 

- We start with By The Way -- John Scalzi's journal here.  I've been reading Scalzi forever.  No kidding.  Long, long ago, Scalzi used to be in charge of the little hidden humor area you'd get by clicking the AOL logo on the welcome screen.  About half of what was there was crap, but I quickly learned that whatever Scalzi (or James Lileks) wrote was actually worth reading.  Really.  This one piece he wrote about What Good Are Men is still, in my mind, a classic.  ANYWAY, if there's anyone who got me interested in journalling, it was him.  Scalzi has been writing a journal on the web (called Whatever -- also linked in my Other Journals) and I've read it religiously.  When I learned he was coming back to AOL to help AOLers Journal, I figured that if anyone was going to get me to start one, it'd be him, since his was pretty much the sole journal I've read for the past, oh, five years.

- Next I've linked Unhinged and Two Scoops of Crazy -- two journals that were AOL picks (Andrea, you were a #1 pick, weren't you?) that actually deserved to be.  They both read really well which is what I look for in a journal.  Funny stuff.

- Hearts and Thoughts is here because its author is smart and self-aware -- which is a combination that gives you a really accurate portrait of a person's emotional life.

- On Whining Well is a man's perspective, and it's good to read this stuff so we'll better be able to manipula--  understand them.

- The Single Woman's Guide is a well-written journal by a single, thirtysomething female, and we all gotta stick together.  :)

- What a Difference is a new journal, but shows a lot of potential.  rbushu has a great talent for recounting what's funny in an everyday story.

- The Journal Enquirer should be in everyone's links -- you should check it daily just to keep an eye on whether they're talking about you.

- And lastly, I've got the (unofficial) Help journal in there, since I'm always clicking on that thing to learn how to code things right.


andreakingme said...

Wow, I didn't know that Scalzi's been around AOL that long.

"Yes, I was a number one pick," Andrea says in her most humble tone. That was the day I ranted about the idiotic lady who motored down the roadway in rush hour traffic like Gramma on Sunday. I think it was Fate because everybody loves a good rant.

Fricken smarmy drivers.

hempenhomespun said...

You've got good taste in journals. I've been missing out on one, so thanks for the picks!

hillareeday said...

I am taking notes right now! I am a new journaler (Serendipity) and I have had the best time looking at everyone else's writing. I am floored by the talent! I hope my journal can make your list some day!